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Hi Sagacis,

nice to see someone thinking in the same lines as I. Also thought about using the vibrator as tactile feedback, and heres the start of it ;)

I thought more generally about using the vibrator to generate application specific feedback, so that you might actually be able to use (eg. the dialer) without looking at it, by indicating boundries between button when sliding the finger (or maybe even knock the number below your finger?). This would be very useful for visually impaired users.

As I see it, we need a complete API for the UI developers to easily implement this sort of stuff.

Well, from the vibrator patch ( it seems like there are multiple levels available (0-255), but I haven't been able to do other than turn it on/off yet. Have you figured why?

miki 17:12, 15 October 2007 (CEST)

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