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Notes to Self

General Learnings and Decisions

  • after monitoring the mailing list for a few weeks, and going from 2007-02 to 2008-08, I decided to try Debian (cause i am familiar with it and because there seems to be some momentum behind it at this time)

Debian on Openmoko

  • I follow the steps in for ext boot and root (i.e. no vfat and make debian default)
    • do not confuse NAND and NOR boots: install uboot after a NOR boot; (i badly started with a NAND boot... wonder what side-effects?)
  • since i use hardy ubuntu, and dfu-util is not available on hardy,
  • upon completion, I am getting the openmoko flash page cycling over and over (something is obviously wrong), but i can go back to 2008-08 by NAND boot, flash (menu item 2)
    • the problem was due to not having the latest uboot and was solved with: dfu-util -a u-boot -R -D u-boot-gta01bv3-latest.bin

Debian Journal

  • Aug 22: GPS works: I have a TTFF in less than a minute
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