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Ideas of various applications that be made for neofreerunner.

First a little bit about me, so you don't start abusing me....

I'm a newbie to linux and an electronics engineer not a programmer, though have worked on non-os embedded systems.

Mini Joystick

1) I wish to make a small portable mini joystick for the phone, and a stand so it can be used as a gaming device. (Play mario and contra) Port SDL and the games along with it.


2) Port Rockbox a an application/seperate boot os (like hp quickplay)

Bluetooth console

3) Use Bluetooth on the device, connect it to the PC via a serial port and use it as the console.

Vanilla OS

4) Install a custom linux with bare minimum things to boot up, answer calls and msgs, keep it as an alternative battery saving os! (Vanilla Os). maybe even no GUI.


5) This one is a little to far fetched an Idea but maybe it is possible. Make a program to stream decoded video to usb , and a external small portable usb device to convert it to rf or component video to be seen over tv clearly.

Accelerometer based Joystick

6) Make a software which reads the accelerometer's and sends the data to the pc, maybe map 4-5 keys on the screen. Use a standard joystick HID!!

Eyes for Robot

7) Use a webcam and a base robot , to guide through obstacles. (just for fun)

Serial port / Programmer

8) Use it to program via serial port AVR , pic and other 8 bit micro-controllers. Also use it as serial terminal port through Ft2322 for micro-controllers .


9) Use usb port through ft2322 for JTAG debugging on other arm/embedded boards.



1) Make a software which uses wifi to connect to the PS3 and emulate a psp. (Maybe it is already there)

Car Computer

2) Monitor car computer via openmoko, tweak it.

Assembly OS

3) Write the fastest OS using assembly, let the executable size be 5 Mb with all apps!! (This one is Stupid I know, but just sometimes you have a hitch maybe this is the fastest)

Assembly Vanilla Os

4) Maybe my previous point can be used for making the low power os (vanilla)!!!

Phone to Phone USB

5) Freerunner to Freerunner direct connectivity through USB. (Applications are limit less) Phone to phone charging, file sharing, co-processing, Application interface, Gaming, etc. While saving a lot of Power, other than charging of course!!

Emulate Symbian OS 9.3

6) Emulate Symbian Os so we can use all their apps!! I know it would be Evil but why not?? I really like some of their apps....

Silicon Cell Body

7) Replace external plastic case with silicon cell for solar energy harnessing!!!

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