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I'm a Swedish minimalist and (mostly web-related) coder who's very fond of openness and freedom.

Random thoughts and would-bee-coolness

  • Option to have icons instead of list in Today applauncher
  • Combined sms & im-app with im-style layout
  • I want Phun with "gravity follows accelerometers"-option
  • Accelerometer-based aiming/rotating for games like
    • Tetris
    • Frozen-Bubble
  • Digital compass! (Replacing one of the accelerometers optionally)
    • Imagine all the self guiding robots and stuff you could build!
  • The irl-packman discussed on the ml's
  • Notification Service
    • for Push-like "you can now pull mail/im/whatever"
    • ISDN-card or GSM-card or a Neo
    • The Notification Service calls your neo and hangs up after one signal
      • Phones should be configured to ignore the call and then pull mail/im/whateveryouwant
  • Externally accessible SD (not µ) slot.
    • So one can change card without pulling out the battery
    • Possibly hidden by back cover
  • App that sends an map with an I-am-here-pointer over mms to someone.


Some phones that seem nice. Would be nicer with OpenMoko on.

  • HP iPAQ 614
    • Keypad
    • ipod'ish scroll wheel
    • Touch screen
  • HTC Touch Dual
    • Touch screen
    • Slide-out 20-key QWERTY keyboard
    • Would buy if OpenMoko would run on it.
  • LG Viewty
    • Touch screen
    • 5 MP camera
  • Nokia 6500 Slide
    • Least crappy modern Nokia phone
  • Neonode N2
    • Very nice UI. UI-devs should take a look

Simple mode

Who → How → What


Instead of the face-grid-browser there could be a list with face + name. That would also be better for non touch screen phones. This can also be a submenu under Contact someone.

Feedback would be nice

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