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I work in Information Technology as a Systems Engineer and have some background in application interface design and lightweight programming.

I am particularly interested in location-aware/context-aware applications. I also think that time/date/locale can be handled in a very intuitive way on a GSM platform (that I have not before seen used) -- Basically:

  • local time is available via GSM (cell tower broadcast)
  • device time should be stored in UTC
  • difference between GSM local time and device time (UTC) can be used to compute device locale/time zone settings
  • calendar should store entries internally in UTC (device time) and render to the user with a translation to local time (whatever that happens to be).

If I fly to NY from SF, my locale (timezone) should be updated with the 3 hour difference when I get there, not the internal clock (in UTC) (the internal clock could be updated if less than 5 minutes - more than 5 minutes off the hour and user intervention would be required (5 min is a line in the sand))

see also: Wishlist:Set_Local_Time, Clock, Clocks

I will be purchasing the 'consumer model' as soon as it is released - not because I am bothered by the current lack of software - I hacked linux onto my iPaq h2210, but because I want the updated hardware (mainly wifi).

and just for fun: Wishlist:Rotary_Dialer

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