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Please do not edit this. Czech users, please join Czech Openmoko MUC on Jabber: see

List of issues from the Czech Openmoko community to SHR devs, as requested per Dos's email.

Make a list first, then priorities, translation, then email to shr-devel Ideally include/sort requests from other requests to Dos's email a přidat jednotlivé návrhy do SHR Trac:

Don't forget: We want you!

Anything under the thick line is out :)


SHR system

  • SHR-X release, with fully functional base system (X - call it whatever, perhaps even stable)
  • run applications as non-root user, add user accounts support, screen lock with password, guest account without access to personal data
  • include file manager
  • fullscreen keyboard, text goes to a single row in the upper part of the screen, rest of the screen are keys + landscape ? (E)
  • ensure Xserver restart after it's crash


Phoneui apps

  • search/filter contacts in contacts list
  • implement sms receipt
  • implement quick caller list
  • Idle screen - indicate fix/no fix in GPS icon
  • incoming call screen - send SMS to the caller, preferably already with SMS from template
  • pyphonelog rewrite to Vala and use EFL toolkit - speed up, (UI unification)
  • lock screen before Illume with PIN dialog and Launcher loads
  • Quick setting screen:
    • add a subenu for connecting to WIFI APs
    • add Display brightness
    • menu should not crash (does when fsogsmd crashes/locks up)
    • close the menu by pressing the power button again


  • fix uSD card issues on 2.6.32



  • wifi + wpa2 + run a script after connecting (for example for starting VPN)
  • Ability to connect to APs with hidden SSIDs


  • intone - fix playback pausing/resume on call and after resume


  • GUI package manager - show only end-user applications and hide low level programs and libs, show descriptions, screenshots, perhaps user comments and reviews from like website

Not SHR issue

Not SHR issue

  • main python packages in default image (gtk,netclient,misc,json,etc.)

Make proper dependency list in you package

  • a simple way to add desktop icon (for example to run some script)

Illume/E issue, it's easy enough to add .desktop file...

  • aktivation/deactivation + state (fix/nofix) of the GPS

on/of is already shown on the idle screen, start is done automatically via FSO resources. The only remaining is to show fix/no fix, adding up there

  • (switchable) lighter version like in Illume1 - just a few EFL buttons that are created&rendered in miliseconds, current heavy one takes sometimes 10s+ to show up!

Current one has 10s. delay to start up, then it shows up really quick. TODO: find a better way of autolaunch apps after startup

  • an easy way of asking the community and submitting bugs

use Track

  • a task switcher icon

Not sure what is meant here

  • fix issues with fullscreen apps

Please specify the issues

  • fix "no sim" reporting.. one message for one un-suspend is way too much

Yes, there is an issue lately, TODO: ask on IRC

  • international keyboard

Exists, define your own keyboards, search the wiki

  • transparent keyboard ?

use Literki

  • synchronization light

Please specify

  • synchronize a folder on Neo and PC using rsync

Use rsync dear Watson :)

  • simple GUI for PC + packages for the gui

vanous@vanek:~$ apt-cache search rsync gui gtkrsync - GUI front-end to display rsync status luckybackup-data - rsync-based GUI data backup utility (data files) luckybackup - rsync-based GUI data backup utility

  • USB mass storage

you mean gui for switching kernel modules or what?, there is g_mass_storage. TODO: make GUI

  • IPv6 support enhancements, in udhcpc (just don't flush all addresses including IPv6 addresses - especially link-local one!)

No SHR, bug udhcpc devs

  • A2DP support would be nice

Use Emtooth for pairing, players do have support (Intone, Podboy)

  • menu management - ability to organize icons and apps

Would not include to the list. Look at mokosuite2, especially mokohome, this could be the way to go - disable illume-home module, autostart mokohome. TODO: define icons.

  • show space available on device

TODO: add into distro info in SHR

  • working GPRS connection sharing

It is working via Quick settings

  • improve Ventura web browsing experience, for inspiration try Android web browser (comment: xscope is the best browser I found for android so far, very finger friendly even without multitouch (zooming in and out + readjusting the column width): , thanks for your efforts!!!

Try eve, Ventura is now broken due to new e-libs. Multitouch is not possible on FR, please stay reasonable :)

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