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Currently working on (2008-11-11)

  • bitbake recipe for Pingus
    • current state: working
    • caveats:
      • sound needs aoss wrapper, and is choppy. better leave disabled
      • run in landscape mode! (this is now done automatically)
      • pingus 0.7.2 has a known memory leak
      • you need to manually install libpng3, since I didn't manage to get the right dependency on the pingus package
    • submitted patches and recipe to OpenEmbedded bug #4711 (requires bug #4710) but you can take the patches and recipies and apply these to the openmoko repository (or just wait 'till they get merged).

Binary packages (compiled for FSO, might not work on other dists)

  • SjaudioPlayer
    • current state:
      • plays better than other media players (less skips when under load), because of caching and multithreading
      • but GUI still very much unfinished.
      • only mp3 supported
    • TODO
      • bitbake recipe
      • OGG, FLAC
      • some GUI lovin'
      • tell world! :)

  • other plans:
    • bitbake recipe for, and port of Akonadi
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