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I have a GTA02v6 with debian installed on a microSD. I use the freerunner as gps and not as my primary phone.



  • I don't have wifi working with a siemens sx763 router, shr from autumn 2009 worked fine :|

Development environment:

Checkout om 2.6.34 kernel

Cross compile debian-fso linux-2.6-openmoko:

ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- dpkg-buildpackage -aarmel

How to pass parameters to kernel from u-boot:

First of all install uboot-envtools then:

  • cp /usr/share/doc/uboot-envtools/examples/openmoko_gta02.config /etc/fw_env.config
  • fw_printenv
  • fw_printenv bootcmd
  • bootcmd=output # modify the ouput accordingly
  • fw_setenv bootcmd 'modified_output' # put the modified output under '' because it will confuse your shell

Data for bootchart2

Add initcall_debug printk.time=y quiet init=/sbin/bootchartd

Faster boot

Substitute rootdelay=5 with rootwait

Stuff you want to do on your freerunner:

Useful wiki pages:

What i'm working on:

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