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My current setup:

  • Host: booph.local
  • Hardware model: GTA02v5
  • Hardware changes:
    • buzz fix
    • tape trick for easy removal of battery and microSD
  • SIM card: none
  • GSM flash: firmware updated to moko11
  • NOR flash: original u-boot
  • NAND flash:
    • u-boot partition: qi
    • u-boot_env partition:
      • customised u-boot environment:
        • menu items for different OSes on microSD
        • always start in menu (stop_in_menu=yes)
    • splash partition: apt-get anarchism image
    • rootfs partition: empty
    • kernel partition: empty
  • 16GB microSD card
    • booph-debian: Debian, E17, old QtMoko, mostly unused
    • booph-home: /home partition that used to be shared between distros
      • trick in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/00-pabs and ~/.Xsession to symlink the right E17 config based on the distro
  • 4GB microSD card
    • qtmoko: QtMoko installation, used when travelling
  • 2GB microSD card
    • shr-unstable: SHR unstable 20110822 rootfs
  • accessories
  • host system


Disable the ffvorbis mplayer audio codec because it is too slow and the vorbis one works, add a line "ac=-ffvorbis," in ~/.mplayer/config. Bug #550572 filed.


  • software
    • bootloader: qi-bootmenu
    • kernel:
      • WiFi: adapt newer ar6k driver to AR6000
      • vanilla upstream!
    • GSM: OsmocomBB
    • mesa: merge glamo driver!
    • UI
      • investigate GNOME mobile stuff
      • keyboard sanity
      • mokosuite
    • distro
      • switch to primarily using Debian
    • misc
      • consider switching away from FSO towards lindi's setup
      • data sync strategy
      • binary firmware pokage
  • hardware
  • accessories
    • SIM card, once I figure out a suitable provider and distro
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