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  • Hardware Engineer working in embedded systems for 10+ years.
  • "Dabbled" with Linux since ~97.
    • Used gcc and gdb for cross-devel for Coldfire
    • Ran a few servers from home for various things...vent, bf1942, quake
    • running linux on my router :)
  • mostly fluent in VHDL, ASM(mot, not intel), C, C++
    • barely fluent in PERL, Fortran, MEL, PHP
  • BSEE '99 from WSU

Moko Development

I'm probably most comfortable at the hardware level, so I will probably start by poking around the kernel and uboot to understand things and see if anything jumps out at me as needing improvement. Beyond that, I'm happy to help anywhere...though my linux development is minimal and work keeps me fairly busy. I do have experience with Clearcase and DOORS(shoot me now, please...)..but I doubt that will help.


  • Character Animator (recent Grad from AnimationMentor)
    • know maya reasonably well and own legit copy
    • have a few friends in various game and movie studios
    • I'm not a good modeller
  • Private Pilot(5 yrs) and Plane owner(1yr)
  • Enjoy Jet-Skiing, Snow Skiing, and Dirt-Biking

oh yeah, and I have two pet rabbits (hence the bunny name)

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