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If this page is linked already into some category, I apologize. I wanted to create the page first before making it public.



Just got my brandnew FreeRunner and was jumping head over heels into it ... and discovered - it's not _that_ easy. So I though I write down my story in order to help others get started by mentioning things that might be obvious to the power user but hinder a novice from enjoying the device.

First steps:


I actually wanted to install Debian right away, but got nowhere. Until I found a hint - update the firmware, before even thinking of installing it :-)

So: Before you can do anything with the phone, you need to update to one of the latest firmwares. And you need a uSD-card. Which immediately leads to the first hurdle: Which one? Although there is a nice list of supported SD-cards, the types listed there might not be available everywhere.

I tried four different types:

  • a noname 2GB card, unknown class which came with a Nokia phone
  • an 8 GB Kingston, class 6
  • a 16 GB SanDisk, class 4
  • a 16 GB PNY, class 10

The noname card wasn't working at all.

I got the Kingston card working, by tweaking some parameters. Maybe I should go back to the SanDisk, but not at this time The only one that worked fine was the PNY card.

My first distro

As I had no place to start, was too overwhelmed by the choices, I chose QtMoko as my first step.

How do you prepare everything in order to get started?

  • Flash the distro
  • Set up networking
  • Partition and format the card
  • unpacking the archive

Trying to install Debian

No way - the failed everytime with ... Solution: still worked on.

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