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Who am I

My name is Milo Casagrande, I live in Italy, near Venice: this si my town.

I've a degree in Computer Science from the Università di Udine, now I work as a office worker... but I'm always looking around for something new!

Where you can find me


IRC: nickname Gwaihir, on, you find me in #ubuntu-it and many more channels.

Jabber: Milo on

Blog: my blog, sorry, it's in Italian!

What I do for GNU/Linux

Most of my time I translate software and manuals, both for GNOME and Ubuntu.

I've worked even for the last version of Seahorse's manual for GNOME and now I'm starting to complete the translation of the GNOME User Guide in Italian (a loooong job...).

To see what I do for Ubuntu look here!

I'm also the administrator of Ubuntu's Italian wiki and a member of the Italian locoteam.

I've good knowledge of DocBook... if it might be usefull!

What I like about OpenMoko

It's free software, and that's enough for me!

I would like to contribute to this project with translations, for the wiki and even for the software... but I have to find out how to translate the software in this framework!

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