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Name (First/Last): Marc Verwerft; Location: Rijmenam, Belgium.

Please use this talk page to talk to me.


  • Graduated as electronics engineer in 1982.
  • Developed hardware at first, then got bitten by SW.
  • Experience on VAX/AIX/linux/OpenBSD/Mac/window$
  • Main programming language == C ;-)
  • But I also know Python/C++ /SQL/...

OpenMoko involvement

  • I am willing
    • to help in translating to Dutch
    • to test software and development tools
  • I would like to do some minor programming
  • I have no experience in:
    • user interfacing
    • GSM technologies
    • GPS technologies
    • bluetooth

But I'm not scared of learning ...


  • I like to ride my motorbike, a Pan European 1100 ST
  • I want a Neo1973 for my birthday (25th Februari)!
  • Occasionally, I do some woodworking (benches/tables/closets/flooring/...)
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