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  • Images: I'm currently using the unstable image.

When connecting the device to my laptop over usb, it now shows up as eth2 rather than usb0.



  • Mokomaze
  • Pythm with mplayer for listening to music
  • literki, which provides an alternative keyboard but more importantly a "touchpad" that has a right click button.
  • New keyboard
  • numptyphysics
  • ffalarms

Current issues

Alarm clock goes off now, but is too quiet.

vagalume crashes as soon as I try to play a radio station.

Past problems

Well, the first test did not go well. It looks nice and feels snappy, but it froze up completely within a few minutes of use. I had to remove the battery and reboot. Also, Midori did not show any address bar, and typing C-l did not help. So I was unable to actually enter a web address to browse to.

The freezing has stopped, but there are other issues.

The dialer crashes after pressing Call, with a resource not available error. Trac ticket explains that this is because SHR doesn't work / isn't tested with the andy-tracking kernel.

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