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Using r4.

Instead of following the installation instructions, I just made a single ext3 partition, with a /boot directory containing the usual files needed for Qi to boot.

The time and date are off. I opened a terminal and did "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata". Then set the UTC time with "date -u -s".


Instructions for worked, except that the USA T-Mobile provider is set up to use wap instead of real internet. So I edited the provider file to say instead of wap.

I also edited the chap-secrets file -- was this necessary? It kept trying to use chap auth, but I think there might be another reason for this. I'll do a clean test.

It doesn't use the muxer by default, which means that while you are on GPRS, calls and SMS won't get through. This can be changed by switching the MUX option to yes in /usr/bin/x and /usr/bin/p.

Muxer didn't work well for me at all. Incoming calls didn't get through. Trying this:

Using muxer

   * change MUX=no to MUX=yes in /usr/bin/p and /usr/bin/x
   * change delay from 5 to 10 in /usr/bin/x (lines 65 & 69)
   * in /etc/ppp/peers/gprs :
         o line 36 : comment the /dev/ttySAC0 option
         o line 42 : uncomment the updetach option
         o line 43 : comment the nodetach option


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