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Following the instructions at, I formatted my 8GB microSD card to be one FAT16 partition, and untarred the Beta 6 archive at root.

It booted, but then complained that the process Application Settings in process was not responding. I tried clicking Wait a few times. Then I put the phone aside for a few minutes and the screen blanked. I reactivated it by hitting the power button, then there was a new error that the process had stopped unexpectedly. I clicked "Force close", which was the only option.

I saw the same error after clicking on the Open Source Licenses viewer.

Unfortunately this image includes a Skype icon of some kind. Do not want.

Basically nothing worked after installing. I received the "" error whenever I tried to do anything meaningful.

It also doesn't seem to like my SIM, as it complains that I have no service.

Looks like someone reported the Application Settings error here.

How do I get an account for the Trac instance?

To get adb working on my Debian testing amd64 box, I installed ia32-libs.

 adb kill-server
 ADBHOST= adb devices

Note that it shows up as eth1 rather than usb0.

ia32-archive on my mipsel laptop should work but doesn't install right now.

Connecting with adb shell and running logcat, I see the bluetooth headset service crashing constantly. As per this thread, removing the APN entries seems to solve the problems.


Removing nonfree stuff

After starting an adb shell, "pm list packages" shows what's installed. But, "pm uninstall" returned failure. So did disconnecting from the shell and running "adb uninstall". "pm list packages -f" lists not only the package names but also the files that they are associated with. Trying to rm the "/system/app/DrmProvider.apk" file just errors because the filesystem is read-only, even after I remount it rw. Well, that's because /system is on its own partition. So, this seems to do it:

 adb shell mount -o remount,rw /dev/mtdblock6 /system
 adb shell rm /system/app/DrmProvider.apk


Beta 6 has a bug in it so that the keyboard doesn't work for pop-up dialogues. This means not being able to enter information in the GPRS APN setup widget.

So, enter "" in a note via Notepad. With the note open, press and hold on the screen. The copy/paste menu will pop up. Copy All. Go to the APN settings, press power and add APN, then edit the APN field, long touch on the field, and select paste. Switch back (by holding down AUX and selecting) to Notepad, type the name for the APN (like "tmobile"), and repeat. But right now, with any APN defined, the phone application keeps crashing..

I also see mention of for the APN, might be worth trying.

I tried the trick of turning airplane mode on, rebooting, and turning airplane mode off, after defining the APN, but that didn't help.

"/data/data/" has the sqlite3 db with settings in it.


Media player returns SD Error at first, even though the sd card is mounted. I have to go to Dev Tools, Media Scanner, than back to Media. After that it finds the files. But when I try to play an mp3, it says that the format is not supported by the player. However, Ogg Vorbis files work well. There doesn't seem to be any volume control, but fortunately my headphones have a volume control on the wire...


The v14.4 image with v17 kernel booted for me. It made phone calls and sent and received text messages, but did not receive incoming calls (they went straight to voicemail), and GPRS didn't work -- the browser just kept crashing or closing on its own. Also, instead of just blanking the screen, it went all the way to suspend, and then when awakened, would not restore the display. The keyboard was unusably slow even with all of the text correction features turned off. Additionally, there was a notification icon which apparently means that the phone is running out of storage. I guess it's talking about the internal flash, because it wasn't anywhere near filling the 8GB SD card.

Newer images did not boot for me. The daily snapshot went to a blank screen, and the other one I tried just kept rebooting over and over.


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