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Joerg Reisenweber

Openmoko HW and Synergy

Associated to Openmoko hardware-department
Function: consultant, senior developer, QA

Frequently used nicks on IRC: jOERG_rw, DocScrutinizer
(fallback: "joerg" <reisenweber AT gmx DOT net>)
( include display-name for feeding spamfilter! )

Homebase: Germany

Q: What's the story with the lower-case "j" in my name "jOERG"?
A: As I had the bad habit to write all-lower-case in German texts, I considered using the Shift-key at least for my signature, though the wrong way round, would make a nice individual note and a pun on this mannerism.
So you may reference me by my correct name "Jörg", "Joerg" or "joerg", whereas the character sequence "jOERG" is to be considered the electronic analogy to a hand-written signature supposed to be used by me solely.
(I know this last sentence sounds a little like N.Wirth :D )


The Real Programmer is capable of working 30, 40, even 50 hours at a stretch, under intense pressure. In fact, he prefers it that way. Bad response time doesn't bother the Real Programmer -- it gives him a chance to catch a little sleep between compiles. If there is not enough schedule pressure on the Real Programmer, he tends to make things more challenging by working on some small but interesting part of the problem for the first nine weeks, then finishing the rest in the last week, in two or three 50-hour marathons. This not only inpresses the hell out of his manager, who was despairing of ever getting the project done on time, but creates a convenient excuse for not doing the documentation. In general:

  • No Real Programmer works 9 to 5. (Unless it's the ones at night.)
  • Real Programmers don't wear neckties.
  • Real Programmers don't wear high heeled shoes.
  • Real Programmers arrive at work in time for lunch.
  • A Real Programmer might or might not know his wife's name. He does, however, know the entire ASCII (or EBCDIC) code table.
  • Real Programmers don't know how to cook. Grocery stores aren't open at three in the morning. Real Programmers survive on Twinkies and coffee.

Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal

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