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Neo Freerunner supports GPRS, no EDGE, no UMTS.

Making a slow internet connection more comfortable

Fasterfox Lite is an addon for Firefox. Its intention is getting web pages faster on fast connections, but it also can be used for configuring Firefox easily. You can configure memory and disk cache, DNS Cache and how many connections are opened at once.

polipo is a small http proxy. In offline mode it serves cached content.

wwwoffle is a http/ftp proxy, that can be configured to violate the RFCs to cache websites even more aggressiv and several other helpful things.

To make sure that opkg upgrade does not break your system because of an unstable connection do:

opkg update
opkg --cache cachedir --download-only upgrade
opkg --cache cachedir  upgrade

Add a line "option cache cachedir" to /etc/opkg/opkg.conf to avoid the --cache option on command line.

pdnsd is a caching DNS proxy

DNSmasq is a small caching DNS and DHCP daemon.

Instead of use tangoGPS. It is already installed in the SHR distribution, but also available for other platforms.

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