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If you've seen how dasher works this will click right away. (If you haven't, check it out for a minute first at

Ok, so my idea is to have dasher-like interface for a few things, but static, so it can be driven one-handed.

Imagine the phone keypad, on the neo screen. Move toward the bottom middle? 0 starts to blow up, everything else gets smaller. Move torard the top left? 1 starts to blow up, everything else gets smaller. Move toward the middle left? 6 and 9 get bigger, everything else gets smaller.

How does this help us? As you cross the boundry, the Neo "speaks" the number it's coming into.

So, navigate towards zero, and neo says "zero".

Happy with where you are? take your finger OFF the keypad. Voila, that digit is added to your number to dial.

Could be cool for one handed stuff, and I have ideas for input other then the dialpad.

As I said, I could code this up in flash very quick. I don't think doing a proof of concept would be too hard, but I don't want this to wait for my learning curve of doing this for X (or with the X toolkit openmoko uses).

(User:Cg) Do you mean something like this with only numerical keys?: Warp keyboard

There is a small entry for this keyboard on the bottom of the Input Method page Q/A section.

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