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Sidebar input is a non predictive input method. It uses a tree structure and places the characters at the edge of the screen. This leads to in avridge 3 taps per key. The speed is on par with the normal keyboard in FDOM and works well with thumb input.

If you want to input a w then you tap your finger in the cyan circle at the image below.

Sidebar input.png

The bck=back and lk=lock keys are special. Back moved one level up, and lock make the method jump to that page when a key is clicked. If you click on lock again the method will return back to the root as normal. The lock is canceled when the back button is pressed.

If you want to test out the method on your phone install a distro with python and ecore_evas (FDOM, OM2008.9, FSO, SHR etc.), download it to your phone and run it. I haven't integrated it with illume yet (I am currently porting it from python to C) so you'll have to look at the output in the terminal to see what you have written.


Git clone: git://

(Please note that this is a wishlist item and may not be included in any distribution now or in the future)

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