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First name : Frank (sans c meaning without a 'c' character, i.e. not like Franck which is a much more common name in France)

Age : something between 25 and 35 years old

Location : Grenoble, France

Job : Software engineer

Skills : Electronic, ASM, C/C++

OpenMoko Project

Phone : FreeRunner (GTA02 A6) since 20/08/2008 (thanks to swap38)

Debug board : someday maybe

Interested by / May work on / May try :

  • hardware and low-level programming
  • GPS and understanding NMEA frames
  • GSM and playing with AT commands
  • using WiFi and GPS at the same time to do some WarDriving (but in a "good" way, like
  • Palm OS emulation
  • using several distributions (like Debian)

Other stuffs

Contact : Mail

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