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Radu - Eosif Mihăilescu located in Bucharest/Romania.

Drop me a line on my talk page if you want to get in touch with me.


  • Linux sysadmin/developer/power user (if it has a manpage, I can surely use it/extend it/code for it)
  • Network admin/designer/implementor/power user (anything from SLIP to PPP, 10Base2 to 1000BaseLX, 802.1x to 802.11i -- including copper/FO cabling for the former)
  • Digital electronics/automation/servomechanics/HAM & non-HAM radio/remote control geek

Why am I here?

  • I really want to throw my Nokia 9500 Communicator away for a plethora of reasons (such as not being able to run Linux on it :-) )
  • I am a long-time Open Source supporter, advocate and user
  • I am really fed up with GSM being associated with very-closed-and-secret like it would be some kind of magic. Enough of this bullsh1t!
  • I would really love to contribute to the Neo/OpenMoko project in any way I can.

More specifically

  • I would like to help with writing system-glue software (such as the GSM activitiy log, SMS functionality, SyncML support, BT to GPRS PPP/Ethernet routing and other cool/never-done-before stuff like that)
  • I would like to help with GPS data/software (including a driver/reader for MapInfo/MapSource formats and including the possibility of having to go out with a ruler and drawing my own, Open Source, maps). I am also (very) interested in implementing APRS-like functionality for the Neo (discussed to death on the mailing list).
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