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Name: Eric Johnson Location: Tacoma, United States


  • Java, C#, Ruby, OCaML, F#
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL experience
  • Some Linux admin experience
  • Some Mathematics (specialized in Metric Geometry, with interest in some problems in Combinatorics).
  • Currently an MCSS student, highly interested in Design by Contract.


  • Master's in Mathematics - Pennsylvania State University - 1998.
  • Bachelor's in Mathematics - Eastern Washington University - 1995.


  • I'd be willing to do testing.
  • I'd be willing to review documentation as I learn what there is to learn about OpenMoko.
  • In the future, I would like to do some minor development.
  • Maybe, someday, create a MySQL instance on OpenMoko that uses Amazon's S3 storage array as the back-end store.
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