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Hello there!

If you've stumbled onto here, no doubt you followed the link from the North Texas group.

About Me

I'm a programmer that currently lives in Addison, TX. I'm hugely interested in Linux, specifically Slackware, and in networking in general. I have good backgrounds in many different programming languages (C, C++, Java, php & mysql, perl, VBA), but no experience with open source toolkits or any kind of embedded development. I enjoy settling in for beer at the Flying Saucer pub in Addison, but just about any pub will do. Send me an email and we can meet for a pint one day after work.


I spent 3 years at Texas A&M in the computer engineering department before deciding it wasn't what I wanted. I'm more interested in software, but at the time I was pretty burned out on computers all together. After a year of futzing around, I dropped out and got a job as a programmer.

Fast forward three years and I have started back to college again. I am going to the University of Texas at Dallas in the evenings, working towards a BS in computer science. I don't know how long it will take to complete (several years), but it is very important to me to graduate.

Interest in OpenMoko

I've been wanting to get involved with a worthy open source project for some time now, but I was uncertain where to settle. I've been monitoring the OpenMoko project from afar, waiting for it to mature enough for me to jump in.

With the release of the FreeRunner to the public, I feel the project has reached a stable point (some might disagree). I want to be involved in the infancy of this project, not just to say "I was there when" but to really contribute.

Current Tasks

As I am paying for college, I can't easily afford the $370 for a FreeRunner right now. I will be experimenting with QEMU to set up an emulator for development purposes. Afterwards, I want to start on a calendar/todo application similiar to what the Blackberry has.



IRC: CaptObviousman on freenode or oftc. I haunt freenode#openmoko and oftc#linode

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