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""o An Accelerometer would be nice - provide user defined shake/tap controls

o IR Port - turn the Neo1973 into a killer Universal Remote

        Possibly use these two together in order to automatically switch to 
        Remote Control mode when you flip the phone upside down to point the IR port 
        at A/V Devices, along with a "Location Profile" based on GPS location preset

o Vibration Module - for tactile feedback from key press of touch screen

o GPRS/EDGE adapter - High speed internet option for when WiFi AP isn't available

o OLED screen - for decreased battery drain and increased visibility in sunlight""

"Quoted from post added to Talk:Main Page Discussion by me and slightly edited"

These are probably the hardware features most highly desired by me personally; along with the current Neo1973 hardware, their addition would probably even get me to pay the outrageous "iPhone" price for this device - as it would allow for the convergence of a Bluetooth enabled Cell Phone, GPS unit, Universal Remote, Media Player, WWAN Adapter, PDA, and all the application hack-ability that comes with an open source Linux OS.

The work on the OpenMoko project has been amazing and the idea is simply awesome. Keep up the good work everyone and I can't wait to get my hands on a consumer unit of the first available product.

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