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Andrew Turner is a technologist specializing in geospatial applications and home automation. He is especially interested in mobile-social location-based services such as Mapufacture and GeoPress and works on several standardization groups for Geodata formats. Andrew recently penned a shortcut for O'Reilly, Introduction to Neogeography covering the current survey of tools, libraries, formats, and techniques users and developers can utilize to add mapping to their stories and services. He also contributes articles on geo, programming, automation, and other topics to MacTech Magazine, Linux Journal, and Make Magazine.

Specifically with OpenMoko, he would like to demonstrate the use and viability of mobile-locative devices including geolocation and localized geographic news and data. Perhaps a tricorder? Additionally, the Neo1973 could serve non-profit or small groups with inexpensive mobile geodata devices for use in projects and disaster relief.

He blogs at HighEarthOrbit and can be reached via skype:andrew_j_turner or email: ajturner at highearthorbit - com.

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