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Should we transport the pages linked in the hardware wishes listing from the "linuxtogo - OpenMoko" Wiki to the OpenMoko Wiki?


miscellaneous external devices bluetooth connected

i dunno where to put it:

few (already suggested) external hardware apps could be realised over bluetooth: you could have your cycle computer sensor connected via bluetooth or you car-park-position-camera send the picture wirelessly to your neo/openmoko hardware :)


I have a Nokia 9500. It has fax capability, which I sometimes use. The Nokia E90, as far as I know, does not incorporate fax. This leaves me to a certain extent in a Nokia cul-de-sac. Fax has the advantage that it can go from one phone number to another phone number, without the need for an outside service centre, like MMS and SMS, or an email server. That is why I believe fax to have a slight security advantage against brute force/DOS/spam attacks,while taking into account the higher cost of fax transmission. In short, I prefer fax above other protocols, and overcoming the obstacles to its implementation is what open source is ideally suited to. The fax protocol is well established by its paper based history and therefore I believe that implementing fax on your mobile platform would mostly comprise 'tweaking ping'. Apparently from Symbian 9.1 you can't install anything on your phone ( vendor lock-in) without it being Symbian signed, including freeware to be Symbian signed as such. This is where I believe that implementing fax on your open source platform can make a number of communicator afficionado's very happy.

While fax has it's uses, I'm not sure it's a hardware thing. I also don't see how there is more security in a fax then any other protocol, esp. since for fax to work the bits must travel in the clear (as opposed to others, where they might be encrypted). While fax is definately a neat bell, I'm not sure it's something that has a lot of priority weight in the first round. However, if someone is willing to put up a bounty or a sponsor someone to work on it, that could change. (Just my 2cents) Historybuff 04:45, 17 July 2007 (CEST)

Agreed. Email is the new fax and enjoys the same standing, in the majority of national jurisprudence frameworks, as fax. Within the aspect of security, this is all that counts. Encription handles the rest. It's just as easily printed out by the recipient also. Weaver.

Move heart monitor support (Wish_List_-_Hardware#Heart_Rate_Compatibility) to Wishlist:Accessories?

It would surely be a bad move to add support for proprietary or special-purpose heart-monitor radio signals to the base Neo1973 unit, at least unless this can be done in software for the standard RF gear. There are already Bluetooth heart monitors out there, and non-Bluetooth monitors could be supported through a plug-in USB device given enough demand.

Needs high speed

I'm not sure how to get this off of the wish list and on to the plan.

I think the lack of 3g (or even the 2.75g edge) is not just a missing feature, but will be the main cause for a lack of adoption. As much as I love the phone and the cause, there is no way I can buy a gprs phone that might get 3 or 4 K / s with latency times for packets of up to a second and use this as an application platform. I think the community really needs to pull together on this and help make this happen. The voices need to be heard! I can't believe the October release doesn't have EDGE planned. Please people we need to do more so that the Neo can become more!

This is already mentioned. Faster/better mobile connectivity. It's an obvious want. If it is possible in hardware, it will happen. --Speedevil 22:59, 10 July 2007 (CEST)

FM transmitter

Small FM transmitter to output to car, and other nearby radios.

One slight problem, in some countries FM transmitters are illegal, even the little ones. Britain only legalised them in December 2006.


This is something that would be interesting. A builtin or external projector. The tehnology allready exists:

Forearm strap

This is one of the most simple and usefull accesories if it has multi touch. Baisicly you either wear it on the back of your forearm while you talk(same position just that you don't hold it in the palm). Or you wear it in the face of the forearm when you are in browsing mode.

Wifi Wimax etc

Wimax (and also wifi faster than 11Mbps) seem useless on a cellphone (or a 400MHz processor could sustain 2-5-10-50 megabytes/second throughput without stalling everything?) :) (er... may I write this in the Wimax paragraph of the page?)

Ideally not - let's keep it short - the page is exploding in size. You don't _have_ to use the speed if the processor can't keep up - and faster transfers may in some cases use less battery power. Also - if you have no Wimax, and there is service in the area... Practically speaking. It's going to be a _long_ time before Wimax in a form suitable for a phone - one that can work across a wide range of frequencies while being physically small, low power and cheap - becomes available. --Speedevil 04:13, 17 July 2007 (CEST)

PMR446/FRS Radio

Surely we can do this with VOIP over an ad-hoc wifi/bluetooth mesh? Hardware is already there then. So only advantage would be communicating with other PMR446/FRS devices, also are these legal in all countries? --ewanm89 08:56, 26th March 2008 (GMT)

Power usage processor

Refer to

It's said that other phones have another processor that handles the power usage of the phone, this will allow new possbilities in managing suspend and notification and even power usage. --Dareus 12:17, 11 October 2008 (GMT+1)

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