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I don't know if all of these are needed, but I had pyroute installed and working on my SD card a few weeks ago without needing to comment out or edit any files. (I installed a new rootfs since then, but haven't updated the card yet)
These are the python packages installed to my SD card:
python-codecs, python-core, python-crypt, python-datetime, python-html, python-io, python-lang, python-logging, python-math, python-mime, python-netclient, python-netserver, python-pycairo, python-pygobject, pythong-pygobject-dev, python-pygps, python-pygtk, python-re, python-shell, python-stringold, python-threading, python-xml, python-xmlrpc

I found these by doing: cat /media/card/ipkg/usr/lib/ipkg/status | grep Package\:

I also have glibs-extra-nss, libc6-dev, libcrypt0.9.7, libgcc-s-dev, libglib-2.0-dev, libpython2.5-1.0, libssl0.9.7, and linux-libc-headers-dev installed on the card, but I don't remember installing anything but python packages...I could be wrong.
I know it took alot of searching to figure out all the packages and took quite some time.


Thanks for the update, eric. I think I actually installed the same libraries you did (except for glibs-extra-nss) - the instructions I have up here right now kind of straddle between installing using an ipkg repository, and installing with downloaded files. I really should just tell what repository to use, since otherwise you get into the whole issue of telling people what files to download, when the name may change slightly with each new build.

I did have to edit urllib2 as specified. I don't know if it's because of the repository I pulled from or if I did something wrong. Since someone else (on the mailing list) had the issue, I put it into the instructions. Really I should update it as a "if you have this problem, here is a workaround" sort of statement.

Thanks again for your more complete list of required ipkgs.


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