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The current redesign(as I understand from the page right now) would mostly help in:

  • sane api for picking/comparing stored data
  • some speed-up on part of opimd

As I understand, the basic workflows would still remain the same (except that of sending SMS...where-in the IRC logs suggests that opimd would now take care of sending messages as well - including split-SMS). What I mean is that opimd has following kind of storage: <record>-><fields> where field has strict type like Name, Phone, Default-SMS, etc, etc

What I was wondering was can we have a field-type of record itself? That should help solve some use-cases like

  • sending 1 message to multiple contacts (with delivery report on). So, there should be just one entry of the message with multiple recepients (multiple fields of struct{phone, message-record}recepient; type with name recepient). And as and when the delivery report arrives, opimd adds a new message (as it does even today without redesign)...and updates the original message's corresponding recepient struct as well with the latest delivery report's record.
  • have a field spouse of type contact-record to establish relation between my friend's contact entry and his/her spouse

Basically a means of specifying relation between field of one record to another record. I might have missed something altogether so there might be a better more elegant way of solving the mentioned use-cases.


PS: I think the first use case would be served best if opimd's send message api accepts multiple contacts

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