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Welcome to the Birmingham page of the openmoko project.

Please make comments as to where abouts in Brum you're from, and your level of interest in the neo1973, and what your skillset is.

Hi all, right we have devices and I know we have interested people around (I bumped into loads of them at Lugradio live) so how about we organise a demo day for people interested in the project and show people the current state of play with the hardware and software. Suggested venue would probably be a nice pub somewhere and keep everything informal. I suppose that centre of Brum is prolly easiest for most people but according to the wiki we would have more devices in Wetherspoons in Cannock and they have free wifi :P

So if you are interested in seeing a device or have one and want to see what others are doing with them get involved!

Posted in the hope that someone else is out there - Tig

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