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  • In order for A-GPS to work, assistance files must be uploaded onto the GPS module. Antaris-4 is certified for A-GPS, but the chip type 'S' or 'H' does affect which type of files get uploaded.
  • uBlox have their version 5 'H' out at present, are there any ideas to place this into the production release machines GTA05?

NOR Flash

The links to the NOR flash pages are broken (the part is no longer supported by ST). I tried to find the appropriate parts/datasheets on the Numonyx website, but could not.

USB Host

PSU current considerations should be expanded:

  • For 47k on ID pin plus USB device the PSU should be able to supply >1.5A since the Freerunner will draw up to 1A and the device may draw up to 0.5A
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