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Strong battery to have longer lasting performance (thinking GPS)

No sodium borohydride batteries yet?

Supposedly they are much smaller and have more capacity.

There is also the everlasting discussion people tend to give me, should they recharge their batteries only when they are completely empty, or can they recharge whenever needed, so they don't loose uptime. I was thinking that if you have smaller batteries, you could put in two batteries. This way you always have a 'backup' battery available when the first is completely depleted of power. It also allows paranoid people to plug in their cell every night, the phone would then check if any of the batteries need charging or not. This way I'm thinking you would have a better uptime and people could depend much more on their product.

Differences between Li-ion and NiMH

I think only the NiMH can be recharged whatever the remaining power level is.

Wikipedia NiMH

Wikipedia Li-ion

--micktaiwan 21:29, 4 August 2007 (CEST)

9V or AAAA batteries?

Does AAAA batteries fit in the neo? They are 1.3 mm thicker.

If there is space enough for 6 AAAA then could have 3*2 serial + parallel

9V batteries is 6 AAAA

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