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Tony guan 02:36, 6 September 2006 (UTC): Q: If color parameters for the widgets will not be hard coded, there must be somewhere to store and retrieve them. And the method to retrieve it must be identical for any widget. And the method has to be defined before we write the codes. Am I right?

Sean Moss-Pultz A: Most of the color elements will be decided by the actual images used for the theme. There will be a general method to access this information. User:Mickey can you provide more details here?

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer There won't be any need to specify colors "by hand". We will be using a common class for the dialog, i.e. MokoConfirmationDialog, which will handle this automatically according to the selected theme.

Tony guan 02:21, 6 September 2006 (UTC): Q1:Is the Fonts or Theme related to some hardware Buttons?

Sean Moss-Pultz A: Not at this point. Do you think it should?

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer A: IMO we shouldn't try to mimick hardware appearance in the theme.

Tony guan 01:23, 13 September 2006 (UTC):

Q:Is there any place for the logo of the telecom service provider?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: I wasn't planning on it. I don't see any reason to clutter up the background. Does anybody really want this?

Q2:Will application be aware of the theme change event?

Sean Moss-Pultz A: Yes. This is a global thing that all affects widgets.

Errors in mock up pictures:

  • 'Alert' example picture 'warring', not warning.
  • Confirmation example - 'sure to delete data' -> 'Are you sure you want to delete deta.'/ 'Delete all data?'

Q: Is this the place to discuss usability and design consistency issues too? Or is it wise to have an independant interface guidelines section? Is it wanted at all? (--Seba 15:24, 18 February 2007 (CET))

kpr 23:30, 22 April 2007 (UTC): Concern with Short Press on Hardware Power Button:

Currently a short press on the Hardware Power Button will Close the topmost application.

I am concerned that this will be confusing, especially when pressed by accident -- what happened to the stuff I was just working on???

I think a better default action would be to put the device into a low power mode (screen off, etc.) while still keeping the GSM radios on for receiving phone calls. I think this is what most people would expect.

If there is no low power mode, then the next best thing would be the Toggle Application interface (like pressing Alt+Tab on a Desktop PC). This way if the user keeps short pressing the Hardware Power Button, they will eventually get back to where they were.

Under 'syle', "perference" should be "preference" (or, better, "preferences")

3rd Party Theme

Passi 23:10, 12 August 2007 (UTC): Quote:
We will design only one theme and let the community create other themes.
First of all,
Hello openmoko!
Okay I would like to design an other theme for the device. What will be the way to do that? I mean, do I have to build it completly by my self or can i get the files or pictures to remake them?

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