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This all sounds very nice. At top position is the "Car Driving 'gesture'".

But, while reading the part about the plane, i think, what happened to the Neo, when i'am on roller coaster? It will do RF on and off on and off for example?

I think there would be more situations like this. What is planned to do, when my neo is trying to have fun on roller coaster?

- I don't think that you will be carrying on a phone call in high G situations, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem :-) More seriously, it would be good if we could set gesture recognition to only work while the AUX button is held, this would prevent false recognition while in-pocket (or on roller coaster) etc. I think that GPS will be a more reliable way to tell if you are walking or in a car (I can't run at 40kph anyway). Kombipom (15/8/08)

Is anyone planning to write a (GUI) application for tying gestures to events? I can see that gestures could be tied to a mixture of calls to dbus and key-presses (eg. 'left' gesture same as pressing 'left-arrow' on qwerty keyboard, [should cause back event in media player]). Would this work best by creating a new /etc/accelges/neo2/neo2.cfg file or should it be separate? Kombipom (15/8/08)

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