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  • I wanted to play with this device (even prototype) and especially SMS functionality inside / synchronisation with PC/other cellular devices (especially Nokias), but no money for buying it. I was/I'm creating such cellular projects like Gammu and Gammu+ Marcin
  • So how many votes does one have then? If I have unlimited votes, where do I draw the line? /hhf423
    • My idea was one vote per nominee per person. Since there will be more than one GTA02 Neo available, if I have 5 persons that I think should get one of those I should be able to put a vote on each one. /C.M
      • So I can vote for anyone nominated? Then I will vote for everyone, because they all did something valueable :-). It is probably more sensible to limit the number of votes to the number of phones FIC might give to community nominated persons. I mean, they will have their own list that may or may not overlab with ours. Or we ask ourself: who has done 450 USD+ worth of work, that would also be a prossibility. /hhf423
        • That's fine with me, but we need to push some more lazy people to nominate and give votes. I think rwhitby should have one too, but left him out because I was hoping someone else would nominate too. ;) /C.M
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