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(Ken Zhao) Q:What is metronome mode used for?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: For keeping a rythm. Usually for a musical instrament.

Q:If user close the application after setting alarms, who will active the alarms?Do we need a background daemon and run it at startup of system?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: For sure. The alarms need to be background tasks. Mickey can you comment on this architecture?

(User:Wizzor) Q: Will there be a possibility to set alarms for say, Monday to Friday, but not sat and sun? Or a separately timed alarm for Saturday and Sunday ?

(Sublime) Q: Will it be possible to have the alarm still run if the phone is turned off? Every phone I've ever had has had this feature and it's come in handy a lot.

(Morgan) Q: As far as setting the time / date and time zone, is the time communicated by all phone service providers? I know my current phone sets itself automatically, though I recall Blackberries could be set to synch with the wireless service, BES server, or neither. GPS satellites would add another option.

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