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Hi people,

I was wondering which/if any kind of calendar synchronization is planned ? Something that automatically synchronizes with a Mozilla Lightning ( would be ideal. Even cooler, if it could talk to google calendar, maybe through the "Provider for Google Calendar" (


Maybe something like GCalDaemon could be ported? It's Java, so it would rely on that unless it was ported to another language.

Sunbird/Lightning support would be cool. But what about generic iCal support, that should enable most other appliacations to easy use the openmokos calendar data and vice versa. Beni 11:14, 29 July 2008 (UTC)

Hi to all here.

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to discuss some wishes that should find their way into the calender/todo apps.

I'm actually reading the book "Time Management for System Administrators" written by Thomas A. Limoncelli and released by O'Reilly where the author describes a really interesting way, how you can manage your tasks, time and interruptions during your work. I'm not completely through, but i'll try to write down all of the use cases i can remember so far:

1. "Daily-ToDo-Lists":

  Limoncelli uses daily "ToDo-Lists" where he holds all open tasks that should be done 
  today. When one task can't be done on the actually day, he moves it onto the todo 
  list of the next day. 
  Handling that with my Nokia 9500 is really some kind of hell on earth.

2. "Setting estimated time":

  It should be possible to assign the estimated time you think one task will take you 
  to get it done.

3. "Setting priorities":

  Now you have to give each ToDo a priority for that day. Three priorities should be 
  enough for everything and this step isn't getting to complicated then. Something like   
  "high/medium/low" would be fine. 

4. "Planning time for ToDo's":

  He then takes the daily calendar view to check how much "free" work time he has today 
  and compares it to the whole amount of time needed to get all tasks for the day done.
  One thing that would be very cool here, when you could switch between the daily few 
  of the calendar and the corresponding ToDo-List. Maybe some kind of moving the task 
  to the calender where the planned time for solving the task will get reserverd for 
  that ToDo automatically.

I'm not sure if that list is complete so far. Anyway, getting that uses cases implemented could really help everyone out there trying to get rid of their time problems, especially after reading that book.

What do you think?

kind regards

Grouping of events

  • It would be nice, if events/todo-items are groupable. The group may have its own color, so the event is shown with that color at the calendar view. It would be very useful to be able to filter the view based on that grouping. (eg only show "Family" events or "Birthdays") Beni 07:50, 15 July 2008 (UTC)
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