Suspend / Resume Test Plan

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Test Scope

To test Suspend / Resume functionality

Test Duration

60 minutes

Test Environment

  1. Neo FreeRunner plus April Software Update
  2. FIC GTA02 battery
  3. SIM card
  4. Open wireless AP
  5. Linux host

Test Cases

Test Case #1

  • Suspend

Click on the lower left icon
Choose Configuration
Choose Configuration
Select Display and Power Management
To choose the time for Blank and Suspend

After the timer you choose, Neo gets into suspend

Test Case #2

  • Resume

Press power button

Test Case #3

  • Second time resume

Test Case #4

  • Resume after 30 minutes

Test Case #5

  • Answer the phone during suspend

Test Case #6

  • Receive the message during suspend

Test Case #7

  • Answer the phone after resume

Test Case #8

  • Receive the message after resume

Test Case #9

  • Make a call after resume

Test Case #10

  • Send the message after resume
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