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Using sshfs under Openmoko

I assume that you have a working build environment

bitbake sshfs-fuse

Seems to build the required kernel module.
However it fails to download the a source file

NOTE: Task failed: Fetch failed:
NOTE: package fuse-module-2.5.3-r1: task do_fetch: failed
ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
NOTE: package fuse-module-2.5.3: failed

You can also get kernel module for from kernel-module-fuse_2.6-moko9-r0_0_1754_0_fic-gta01.ipk

You can install sshfs directly from repositories, if you are a Ubuntu user you can use "apt-get install sshfs".

Mounting phone filesystem on your host machine

In order to use a host name instead of the phone IP, you can add next line to /etc/hosts   moko

Assuming you have added "moko" to /etc/hosts, and installed sshfs on the host:

sshfs root@moko: /mnt/moko

That will mount root's home directory (/home/root) or you can specify another.

e.g. root@moko:/

It actually works with dropbear, which is the default sshd on the Openmoko images.

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