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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description Versions
02:33, 25 August 2008ATT simcards small.jpg (file)30 KBTony tu (AT&T sim card that works (right) and not works (left))1
15:36, 3 August 2008SOP for GPS capacitor rework.pdf (file)252 KBTony tu (SOP for GTA02 SD interference GPS issue )1
04:51, 30 July 2008Jean 20080715 orange back notworking.JPG.gif (file)3 KBTony tu (Not working ORAGNE SIM card)1
04:50, 30 July 2008Adam 20080713 back notworking.JPG (file)47 KBTony tu (Not working SIM 20080713)1
04:47, 30 July 2008Adam 20080713 working back.JPG (file)199 KBTony tu (Working SIM picture 20080713)1
09:00, 18 July 2008Gta02 gps 10pf rework sop.pdf (file)63 KBTony tu (Add 10 pf capacitor between clk and Vss to reduce SD card noise interference GPS)1
04:41, 7 March 2008GTA02 A5 PCB PS.jpg (file)165 KBTony tu (GTA02 A5 PCB Print Side Picture)1
04:39, 7 March 2008GTA02 A5 PCB CS.jpg (file)280 KBTony tu 2
11:50, 18 February 2008Gta02a5 pcba ps.JPG (file)319 KBTony tu (GTA02 A5 PCBA Print Side)1
11:46, 18 February 2008Gta02a5 pcba cs.JPG (file)358 KBTony tu (GTA02 A5 PCBA Component Side)1

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