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sortdesk is a small command line tool to organise you om-desktop in categories.


opkg install bash


You can make new category by typing:

sortdesk add <category-name>

You can remove an existing category by typing:

sortdesk remove <category-name>

You can rename an existing category by typing:

sortdesk rename <category-name> <new category-name>

You can change the category from the command-line by typing

sortdesk <target category name>

You can change the user action command by typing:

sortdesk set "<new command>"( Don't forget the "quotes" for commands with withspaces) 

You can disable user action command by typing:

sortdesk unset

You can move some .desktop-files by typing:

sortdesk move <category-name>

Everytime you add or rename a category you will be asked to choose an icon. A small collection comes with sortdesk.

Everytime you add a new category you will also be asked to move .desktop file(s) to the new category.

Moving .desktop files

sortdesk will list you all the .desktop-files you have. Just press the right number and hit ENTER to confirm the selection. When you are finished choosing files simply enter the number before "done" and hit ENTER to confirm. sortdesk will list you selection and move it after a few seconds to the destination-category.



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