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SMSTool - SMS Tool



SMSTool is an old program which can send SMS messages. It cannot receive messages.

This programm is written in Python using pygtk. It can be used only if those are present in your environment.

(see SMSTool#Environment)

Current Features

  • Send SMS
    • The default number is mine. - Leave a message if you like. ;-) --kriss 22:54, 9 September 2007 (CEST)

Comment on GSM Support

  • As there are no gsmd python bindings available at the time, SMSTool uses python-subprocess and threads to communicate to the commandline of libgsmd-tool for the time being.

We have some basic support for gsmd bindings in python. (Move this to discussion if necessary, apologies for the noise) -- Sudharsh





An SMSTool package is available from the repository at Alessandro's user page.


The following archives will have to be installed:

  • python-core
  • python-misc
  • python-lang
  • python-pygtk
  • python-subprocess
  • python-threading (should be a dependency of python-subprocess - todo: fix)
  • python-pygobject (should be a dependency of python-pygtk - todo: fix)

If you want to test this and do not have a build environment, you can 'ipkg install' the python components from the ScaredyCat repositories.

NOTE: These packages take up a considerable amout of space (about 10 MByte), make sure that you have enough free space or install the packages to the media card as explained in package management.

Installation / Execution

  • download file to Neo (e.g. using wget)
  • Uncompress tar.gz file (e.g. tar -xzvf file.tar.gz)
  • run:
export DISPLAY=:0.0
python SMSTool-x.x/ &
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