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We need freely distributable/licensed ringtones to ship as default ringtones with the phone.



Ringtones should be in OGG/Vorbis format (or converted to it), and licensed in a way that allows free redistribution, such as creative commons by, by-nd, by-sa, gpl, public domain, etc ().

Unless a different license type is required for Openmoko all files are released under the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.


All tunes have been composed in Rosegarden (an OpenSource MIDI sequencer available at http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/), rendered on a Yamaha Motif ES tone generator and recorded using Audacity or Ardour.

If you would like to modify the tunes, please keep in mind that rendering the .rg files on a different tone generator will most likely produce very different (maybe better :-P) results. MIDI files are available on request, or can be created using Rosegarden's export function.

File types

  • .rg - music "source" files in Rosegarden's native format
  • .wav - Rendered music in uncompressed Wave format
  • .ogg, .mp3 - Wave files compressed with Ogg Vorbis/LAME

bugzilla.openmoko.org related bug

More information at Bugzilla #199

svn.openmoko.org ringtones

Here you can listen the current ringtones and sounds made by Marek "Wansti": http://svn.openmoko.org/trunk/src/target/OM-2007.2/artwork/sounds/


The GTA02 release of the Neo1973 will only have ONE speaker, making it mono. This might be worthwhile to remember when creating the ringtones.


The default ringtones need to be part of a theme. The different tones for calls/messages should have a unified feel to it.

Community ringtones and sounds wishlist

There are some ringtones proposals from the comunity here: Wish List - Openmoko Ringtones and Sounds. See also ticket 2080 for the package at (broken link, update please) and /src/target/OM-2007.2/artwork/sounds/ from version control

Updating howtos

For ASU, look around for qtopia packages related to sound profiles in the repository.

Tom Yates wrote:

The stock ringtone is /opt/Qtopia/etc/SystemRingTones/phonering.wav. It's a 44.1kHz stereo WAV file, 16-bit.

I decided I wanted a traditional old BT phone, and I found an audio clip of one on the web. It was an 8-bit 16kHz mono clip, called 706_ring.wav. It sounded awful when I moved it into place on the 'phone; very distorted and hissy. I re-codec'ed it on my desktop, using

mplayer 706_ring.wav -ao pcm -srate 44100 -af-add volume=-20

which created a file audiodump.wav, having the right sampling frequency (-srate 44100) and being slightly quieter (volume=-20 being the drop in dB) Being quieter, the distortion wasn't as bad and so it didn't make me jump out of my skin when the 'phone rang. I put this into place as openmoko:/opt/Qtopia/etc/SystemRingTones/phonering.wav (saving the old file first) and now I have my custom ringtone.

Reference: http://www.teaparty.net/technotes/openmoko-2.html#Custom-ringtone

For FSO, see the FSO ringtones page.

SID ringtones

There are many websites where you can download original c64 sid music files.

Recommendations: theme from R-Type, IK+ (International Karate Plus), Maniac Mansion, Robocop, Bubble bobble.


Source: http://svn.openmoko.org/trunk/src/target/OM-2007.2/artwork/sounds/TODO

Feel free to add your own comments or requests here.


-There Is No Phone and Ring'n'Roll are too silent compared to the others. The ending of Ring'n'Roll needs more treble since the low frequencies are hardly audible on the small speaker. -The transition parts in Squirrels and Supertux don't work well; they're too silent so that it sounds as if the phone has stopped ringing if it's carried in a pocket or lying around at a distance. -Notify sounds should be shorter and less intrusive. Maybe reducing the volume will already help.


-Startup will have a voice saying "Welcome to Openmoko" mixed into it. -Themes of matching tones for sms, notify, error, ringtone, etc. -More sounds. :-)

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