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Pythm.png Pythm

Pythm is a media player frontend, designed to control mplayer or mpd with one GUI on the FreeRunner. As of writing, you need to download python-mokoui separately.

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Pythm is a gui that can be used to play music. At the moment there are two "backends" supported:

  • Using the mplayer program on the device.
  • Using the music player daemon (mpd) on any host in the network via wifi or GPRS.

Other Backends can be written and integrated into the application, if needed or wanted.

Configuring Pythm

Pythm can be configured using a simple config-file (ini-like syntax). This file can be found here:


You can edit the file in place or copy it to


The file is splitted in three sections:

Global Settings

Here you can configure, what backends shall be used. one of them could be the default backend that is loaded on program start. If you do not specify a default backend, no backend is started, but you can choose to start one on the gui then, or both.

# backends to show in backend list
# the default backend to use, can be either
# mpd or mplayer, or omitted
# backend=mpd

MPD specific settings

In this section you can specify where your mpd server runs and how to authenticate with the server.

# mpd host
# mpd port
# mpd password if used.

Mplayer settings

For Mplayer usage, you can define your directory that contains your music files. You can define valid file endings, so the file browser will filter out not matched items. The filters can be used to hide specific items. Be careful when you use them, errors will not be handled if a regular expression is invalid. The renice-value is used to change the process priority mplayer that will be started in the background.

# renice val for mplayer process
# directory containing music (the start folder for the browser)
# allowed file endings in browse mode, comma separated
# filters to exclude in file browser. applied to files and directories
# using regular expressions. use filtersN for more entries
# default is to ignore all elements that start with a ".".


Ideas, Feature Requests

Here you can put your Feature-ideas.

  • configure Pythm using the gui, not the config file.
  • mpd package for the freerunner, perhaps someone can do this?
  • build a gui using efl/etk
  • build a Gstreamer backend
  • interface to desktop media players to be able to transfer files between openmoko and the desktop media player, MTP is a standard for this but it is a USB device interface so might not be appropriate, iPod is another option
  • disable suspend when playing
  • avoid the user to import the collection every app start
  • better volume handling
  • better volume level (currently there's only one step from 'too low' and 'ear bleeding')
  • make buttons bigger

Known Problems

  • bug in pygtk on the FreeRunner: - This is fixed, but some old Distributions still have this problem.
  • i18n: gettext support not implemented, planning
  • mplayer-backend: random mode not implemented

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs using the gforge-bugtracker-system:

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