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PyRok.png pyRok

pyRok is a music player for the FreeRunner.

Package: -
Tested on: SHR-Unstable



  • music library
  • random playback
  • repeat "playlist", "track" or "track once" options
  • pause on phone calls
  • prevent suspend
  • volume controll

Using pyRok

  • Scrolling in list view (library, playlist or folder view): stoke up or down on list
  • Setting volume: Just click on volume bar. Stroke left or right on volume bar to set volume to 0% or 100%.
  • Seeking in track: Just klick on progress bar or click and hold prevous or next button. On holding button seeking speed will increase with time.

Known Bugs

  • Somtimes playback stops, but GUI is still responsive, until play button is hit.
    • Seems to be a problem with gstreamer. Maybe it locks up.



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