Pouch - stylus / case opener using a guitar pick

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A homemade "stylus" that is actually a used guitar pick, attached to the lanyard.

A guitar pick at the end of the cord

Guide provided by Thomas White - I hope it's OK to put it there for further reference

So, I cut the clip off (using scissors, the plastic wasn't very strong) and carefully unpicked the stitching that created the little loop at the end of the cord to hold it on. You have to be very careful not to also cut through the other stitching which joins the two pieces of cord together at the end.

Then I took an old guitar plectrum and cut a hole in it. If I had a drill to hand, I would've used that. Because I didn't, I was limited to doing something nasty involving pliers and other cutting tools. This left me with something like this:

alt text


Then by carefully pushing the end of the cord loop through the hole, passing the loop back over the plectrum and pulling tight, I had this:

alt text


... which works quite nicely! The cord "knot" makes it quite comfortable, and of course I always have it with me. I have to turn the pouch upside-down to have the cord approaching from the right angle (I'm left-handed), and I also recommend pushing the toggle to the "pouch end" to avoid having the chunk of plastic in the way.

The guitar pick is also useful in Disassembling

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