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From the website: Pimlico is a suite of lightweight Personal Information Management (PIM) applications designed primarily for handheld and mobile devices

  • Dates - calendar
  • Contacts - address book
  • Tasks - task list
  • Sync - synchronization

This project uses the evolution-data-server.

Project Website: pimlico

Successfully imported a full address book vcf file created by saving an Evolution address book. Have not yet tried importing (or sharing) a calendar. Dates seems to support online web calendars.

According to the project website, Sync is not quite ready for release (other than svn).


Dates and Tasks are in opkg:

opkg install openmoko-dates2 openmoko-tasks2

See the project website for screen shots.

(In OM2008.x Contacts uses other package from qtopia.)

NB: This packages do not correspond to the last version of pimlico ?


Dates, Tasks and Contacts from Pimlico are in the Debian repository. So if you run Debian, just do

aptitude update
aptitude install dates tasks contacts

Screenshots of running under the Matchbox WM:


Dates - Month View Dates - Week View Dates - Day View Dates - Details View


Contacts - View Contacts - NewContacts - Edit


SHR testing (2009-03)

There is currently no package in the SHR repositories. You can add the Angstrom repository :

echo "arch base 50" > /etc/opkg/angstrom-feed.conf
echo "src/gz base http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/feeds/2008/ipk/glibc/armv4t/base" >> /etc/opkg/angstrom-feed.conf
opkg update
opkg install dates tasks

If you don't want to break your shr install with the next opkg upgrade, you must remove the angtrom feed after installing dates and tasks

rm /etc/opkg/angstrom-feed.conf
opkg update

SHR unstable (2009-04-10)

Since this date, "dates" and "tasks" from Pimlico are in the SHR unstable repository. So if you run SHR unstable, just do

opkg update
opkg install dates tasks

to install them (see SHR User Manual for more details).

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