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phoned will be a replacement for neod. the aux menu, power menu and display locking functinality will be outsourced in normal applications. phoned will send all sort of phone events through dbus, e.g.

  • aux button pressed/released
  • power button pressed/released
  • earphone plugged in/out
  • earphone button pressed/released
  • timeouts (no user interactions since X seconds, ...)

The architecture will be similar to the architecture of blueZ.

Please contact "borg" in #openmoko or write an email to if you want to help or have ideas for new events or other interfaces.

NOTE: Before you start on something new, please consider helping us in the new [device daemon initiative]. A lot of embedded Linux projects are in severe need of a need a small hardware daemon and I'd like us to collaborate on just _one_ that runs on Zaurus, iPaqs, HTCs, Palms, etc. :Mickey:
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