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This page is here to list the known issues with Paroli. If possible, link your issue / feature request to Paroli Trac and please attach /var/log/paroli.log and /var/log/frameworkd.log


Known issues & bug pre-reports

  • SMS : when sim card became full of SMS cannot receive any new but there no notification about it
  • UI: There's nothing (no text/button) telling one should click in the black area to get to phonebook to select recipient in 'msgs' -> '+' or 'Tele'
  • UI: No visual feedback of shutting down #93
  • UI: When shutting down Paroli the dialog asking to leave paroli in the background has YES/NO buttons in bottom left corner. When getting the error messages for failing with loading GSM&GPRS, the OK button is in the bottom center. -> not consistent
  • No keylock
  • SIM: If one by accidentally presses 'Enter in the PIN input view, it just accepts it and doesn't ask for PIN again but gives many error messages. ---- works fine here, hwo many can confirm that it DOESN'T work ?
  • SIM: Not possible to save on SIM card: all SMS's and phone numbers are now saved in the phone memory, not in the SIM card
  • PM: when USB-powered, FR shouldn't suspend, just turn off the backlight. -> (suspending kills the USB/SSH connection)
  • PM: it's impossibile to make the FR not to suspend automatically, the UI doesn't work.
  • SMS: Not possible to call the sender of a SMS

Already fixed

  • Phone sometimes fails to suspend after a received call #435 (in testing, possibly fixed)
  • SMS and People: cannot write unicode characters e.g cyrillic (Reading is no problem) #138 (should be fixed 01/06/2009)
  • Contacts: Not all contacts are loaded from the SIM always #156 (should be fixed 01/06/2009)
  • UI: when not in fullscreen mode (=illume enabled), one can't see the used profile in the home view
  • Enabling Illume from the menu requires a restart of the phone - this is only on e the first boot subsequent boots should change almost immediately
  • UI: non-ascii chars (öäå etc) are shown correctly in the peoples list but fail in the detail contact view (fixed already?)
  • RESUME doesn't turn on the screen lights -> one knows it's resumed only by touching the screen #149
  • UI: Empty I/O shows an 'edit' button.. maybe it should be hidden and instead a text 'no logged events' could be shown? (should be fixed < 18/05/2209)
  • After several calls Paroli freezes. It might eventually awake again some minutes later... (should be fixed 12-05-09)
  • SMS: There's no feedback after sending a message #3 (should be fixed 12-05-09)
  • SMS: When viewing a message, one doesn't see the name of the sender but the phone number (also when the number is saved in the phone memory) (should be fixed 12-05-09)
  • SMS: One can try to send an empty message with no number added. Paroli stays waiting for something to happen unless you kill the msgs app (should be fixed 13-05-09, #141 #148)
  • WLAN: Settings -> WIFI -> rename 'scan' to 'Networks' (done 19/05/2009)
  • SMS: There's no character count in SMS view (should be fixed 13-05-09)
  • GPRS settings: if one by accident clicks 'username', 'APN', or 'password' instead of Connect, one actually has to re-type it because the 'back' button doesn't work. (should be fixed 13-05-09)
  • The date doesn't need the | -bars in the home view: it's | Sunday, May 10, 2009 | - the bars just make it more difficult to read
  • Contacts: With hundreds of phone numbers it'd be great to be able to type at least the first letter, or two-three to be able to find the contact you want - or a 'super scrolling' to scroll contacts really fast. It's a pain to scroll the length of 20 screens for example..
  • The button to 'go back / go to previous screen' keeps changing: In the menu there's a 'back' button (different size in different views) but in the people etc one has to know to press the top bar to go back.

Low hanging fruits to start developing Paroli with

These bugs and feature requests should be quite simple to implement. They will help you learn to understand Paroli and get something useful done at the same time. Pick one, see Paroli-developer-setup and get on road! If you need help, join the #paroli IRC channel and feel free to ask!

  • WLAN: Settings -> WIFI -> scan doesn't tell if it's searching or finished search with no results
  • WLAN: Settings -> WIFI -> Show the name of the connected network instead of the small 'scan' text
  • WLAN: Settings -> WIFI -> Scan: show the IP, if connected
  • WLAN hidden networks cannot be connected with GUI yet
  • Airplane mode: WIFI, BT and GMS blocked dead so that no app can start them. GPS still usable, if wanted (it's ok to run it on a plane)
  • GPRS GUI should show data counter and IP address, when connected.
  • GPRS GUI messes the status after a while (it shows something like 'dictionary(data(...))' instead of 'active'
  • export\import of all contacts and messages to allow migration from om2008.12 (seee .vcf importer)
  • Settings -> Phone - add option to manage the screen dimming time
  • adding localization support to Paroli python code
  • add an option to hide your number on outgoing calls (CLIR); perhaps add a flag in contacts to do this for certain people automatically
  • GUI/Setting to change background (maybe under settings>display)
  • GUI/Setting to change Paroli theme (currently only 1 theme available, the default one :)
  • GUI/Setting to change ringtone (basic things on phone ;)) (maybe under settings>phone)

Feature wishlist

  • do not require root privileges to run (use CAPABILITIES instead for example)
  • Use illume theme by default instead of "paroli"
  • A 'busy' light/icon/something to tell 'We're busy, wait until we're done..' The icon would be shown when the processor load is 90% or more. This would give the user the experience of 'We're doing stuff for you' instead of 'Hmm.. I wonder if this crashed since it doesn't react to my actions any more...'
    • or a 'watch/sandglass' icon (toolbar applet?) - could turn into 'busyball' on 90% cpu, and could buzz on failure
  • Would it be possible to add a SMS button in the 'People' -> contact view. Now clicking the number calls the user (intuitive? Why clicking the name nothing happens?). Maybe adding 'dial' and 'SMS' -buttons there just to make it clear. #135
  • renaming of SMS, Call-Log, Dialer, People and Settings in the menu to whatever user wants (use utf8 for non-latin1 names)
  • The numbers in the home view showing missed calls or received messages could be bigger/colorful/something or even say 'one missed call' or 'new SMS received'
  • GUI that'd list apps and let me select: 'Do not suspend when any of the selected apps is running' so I could add games, gps etc there and automatically disable suspending
  • GPRS settings: maybe APN should be 'internet' by default, I think it's the most common APN?
  • GPRS settings: how about reordering the items so that the connect would be first or last in the list.
  • Maybe reordering the main menu so that the phone log would not be the first one?
  • Incoming call / SMS lookup against the People database takes account of the number format (ie, if in People, Fred has the number +441234567890, and a call comes in from 01234567890, which is the same number but in UK-specific not internationalised format, Fred's name is not displayed). Would it be possible to match on the last 9 or 10 digits of the number, rather than the whole number? The chance of collisions in number space would be pretty small. #145 .
  • ability to configure AUX button usage (for example to set it up as screen lock similar to om2008.12)
  • configurable time & date view (e. g. 07 15, 07:15, 07-15, 2009-02-12 07:15 etc)
  • a fullscreen vala-terminal launcher app (with keyboard)
  • Paroli topbar is almost useless when illume topbar is used. Only thing is profile and that could be instead Paroli text (title of Paroli) on illume topbar.
  • USB Host and Client option to settings
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