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Write here some application ides, what you want to see implemented in paroli. Give as many details, pictures, sketches, draws as possible.



Here is the dashboard pic:

Osx dashboard calculator.png

Pretty good layout:


Most widely used layout:

Calculator truly.jpg

[T108 scientific]

An already implemented calculator as "e gadget":

Answerphone/Recording Application

Able to record voice-notes (wav or speex-encoded), save them to configurable folder.


calls can be supressed/forwarded to answerphone via button while incoming call or global configuration.

Incoming call: caller can only hear voice-message recorded by yourself, sound from mic supressed (a case for alsa-states). after that he can leave a message which is recorded like your voice-notes, but shown elsewhere.

Launcher: You are informed that you've missed a call and/or there's a message left. In the answerphone-menu: you can see a list of messages with number/name of caller, view them, listen to them, answer them by call or sms, delete messages.

Maybe implementable as extension to "Call-Log".

Call Cost Calculator

After every outgoing call asks the user for the pulse rate for the call, and pulse duration. It remembers the cost for that particular number. And a person can have a good guess at the end of the month as to how much his bill is going to be. He can also analyze his usage in terms of time per call, time of the day of maximum calls, Number to which most calls were made , etc. Further if a phone directory for that country can be ported to the phone, maybe selects automatically but that would be a little difficult.

- Aditya Gandhi

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